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Master Craftsman


Antique Refinishing and Repairs in Charlottesville, VA

Master Craftsman, David Ramazani has provided Virginia his skills of meticulous woodworking and restoration abilities since 1981. His ability to transform furniture and family heirlooms to their original condition, or to perfectly replicate an antique and worn appearance with incredible amounts of detail and speed has spread his name throughout Virginia to those who are interested in his craft.

Aside from his ability to replicate coloration, hues, antique finishes, and natural looking wear, David Ramazani also excels at repairing Antique Wooden furniture and modern furniture and takes the client's emotional bond to the piece of art into the highest consideration.

Restorations with Master Level Details

The amount of detail that is involved when forming a true-to-time Antique piece is far from simple. David Ramazani has the expertise at his disposal and can replicate a piece of antique furniture with one of the fastest turnaround times in the state of Virginia.

Wooden Repairs

Do you have a piece of wooden furniture that needs a component or a leg repaired? Would you like to repair that piece of furniture rather than replace the entire set? We understand that people form emotional bonds to furniture, especially if it has been passed down through their family. Master Craftsman David Ramazani can easily repair your furniture, repaint and restore, and deliver with exceptional results without sacrificing speed or quality of work.
If you're interested in the services that David Ramazani can provide, please don't hesitate to book yourself on my schedule by calling me at 434-295-7221.

Additionally, if you'd like to request an estimate for a particular service, or you'd like me to take a look at your furniture, please send all pictures and submissions to my business email: davidramazani1104@comcast.net.