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Antique Refinishing and Repairs in Charlottesville, VA

Since 1981, David Ramazani has meticulously crafted more than 3,000 pieces off Furniture. When it comes to your personal belongings, family heirlooms and emotional attachments, my belief is that you should never sacrifice the quality you deserve. But for all that quantity, he's never sacrificed quality or the integrity of the wood.

"I welcome the challenge to create in a myriad of aesthetic styles, from Shaker to ultra-modern." - David Ramazani

My promise as a master craftsman is to use the wisdom, expertise, and tools I have at my disposal to craft you a beautiful work of art, or repair a beloved piece of furniture with the highest level of quality and service.

In the business due to "sheer fortitude and learning," David started building houses when he was very young ("I knew that I wanted to take that kind of work to its most skilled form - furniture making"). He then worked in cabinet shops and eventually studied with a master craftsman for 10 years before striking out on his own. The master craftsman taught David lathe work, carving, chairmaking, and a multitude of other skills that are imperative to be diversely skilled and eclectic enough to survive as a woodworker. David often works 12 hour days all week to hone his skills. And it paid off in his greatest ability to create a broad range of pieces.

A 35-Year Career of Woodworking

There are multiple reasons to choose David Ramazani, other than supporting local small business':
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • 35 Years of Expertise
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Quick Communications
  • Unmatched Restoration Abilities
"I like to have the grains and coloration of the wood dominate the piece, rather than what I may have contrived"

"The patterns and coloration in the wood are what I like to keep as the focal point."
Contact Master Craftsman David Ramazani today at 434-295-7221.